Drive your sales by boosting your reps skills
with the leading VR training platform


Develop your people's soft skills to enable business growth

Soft skills are the key meta-skills for your people's performance
Cerevrum puts you in an environment where you need to communicate with clients, learn to negotiate or react correctly in unpredictable work situations. All of it with curated guidance, all of it in VR.
Influence relationships, communication and social interactions
The system can quickly onboard new employees in companies with high turnover, develop communication and sales skills, and improve the efficiency of trainers and mentors.

We train using the Natural Experience Learning System (NELS) method. It helps you practice in the most natural environment possible, which allows you to build communication skills faster than traditional classes.
Train 3 times faster and more engaging with VR
Training new employees in VR is 3 times faster
The native immersion in the situation increases the attention index by 10 times
Skill mastery
Skills are developed without pressure and exams though in a single corporate standard
Check averages increase among the sales reps
People's learning motivation increase, thanks to VR
People turnaround reduction
Figures are based on data from companies that have already worked with Cerevrum
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