VR training in banking: demo day for employees

Number of trainees: >400
Project goals
The introduction of top-managers and heads with VR devices.
Working out the communication skill with the client with blocked card.
Training algorithms for working with complaints.
Developing skills for dealing with conflict clients.
Stress relief for the client.
Warning about fraudulent activities.

Learning within the framework of Raiffeisenbank’s internal event was held in the offices of St. Petersburg, Moscow, Omsk, Yaroslavl and Krasnodar. It was necessary to show what educational formats are available and what is the power of VR learning. It was based on a case about a problem customer who came to the bank to fight.

We quickly put together a dialog simulation, discussing the scenario with colleagues from the Bank. We prepared a VR environment, 3D characters, animation and voice acting. We were in a hurry to get to the event. On the event, everything worked out clearly.

Leading specialist in distance learning Raiffeisenbank
Respect to the team — not often meet contractors who just need to hint what they want to do or change in the processes.
Raiffeisenbank employees reported that they have learned more about working with virtual reality devices and ready to continue training in a new format.
Many people noted that the approach with no business risks in dealing with complaints gives a full understanding of the client’s problems.
Collected Data during VR training shows how team members respond to certain processes. This allows managers to adjust their training approaches.
We will help to deal with the problem