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X5 Retail Group

X5 Retail Group

VR-learning for sellers to increase sales

Number of trainees: >1000
Project goals
Transformation of learning processes.
Develop skills of working with clients.
Increasing the company's sales.
Increasing the brand loyalty.

The project is made in the format of dialog simulator that imitates communication with real clients. The employee works out sales skills in five categories: meat, fish, cheeses, sausages and their own production on the real typology of the client. Testing begins immediately after learning, which can be monitored in real time via the admin panel.

In stores that received learning in five categories, the average check increased by 12.6%.
Employees became more confident in communicating with customers and talking about product details, that influenced customers ' purchase decisions.
According to the survey results, 99% of employees are ready to continue learning in virtual reality.
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